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Our Mission

CosmiQ Universe enables you to connect yourself with your inner source of power. With the true you. The power that let’s you reach anything you desire. In a simple way, we help you to enter what really is your core, your personal thrive, life inspiration and mission.

CosmiQ Universe is an ecosystem of products and services that brings spirituality and mindfulness to your lifestyle.

It is our mission to supply you with both: the principles of consciousness to better understand yourself and to provide easy access on simple approach helping you build the life and relationships you want.

What we are working on

Meditation & Mental Journey App
Launched in cooperation with famous coaches, our mental journey app CosmiQ is your lifestyle pocket coach guiding you playful to your inner power source.  CosmiQ helps you find more mental peace and meaning in life. We offer CosmiQ in the German-speaking markets with first customers who enjoy our energizing mental training content presented in a high quality lifestyle user interface.

Our clients achieve tangible transformation in positive mindset and a more holistic life. CosmiQ takes you  on "mental journeys", during which you practice breathing or mindfulness techniques and allow the development a conscious state of mind. You learn more about subjects like finding love, self-love, release of stress, life purpose or focus and motivation for big individual targets. Techniques are developed by our scientific experts applying principles from brain psychology and quantum physics.

In our journeys, you are guided by an unique audio bi-neural sound guide and the voices of famous coaching stars and self-empowerment influencers like Laura Marina Seiler and Tobias Beck. You are in many journeys accompanied by the familiar dubbing voices of famous Hollywood actors like Julia Roberts, George Clooney and Angelina Jolie.  Just few of the features that make CosmiQ unique in the market and super fun learning-entertainment.
Virtual Avatar
CosmiqAvatar is going to be your first virtual friend and community connector for a entertaining personal development journey and spiritual life principles. Avatar is a CGI build social media celebrity who shares her and the worlds spirituality wisdom with a large follower community.

She shares the worlds relevant information on life, deeply connected to nature, heart-felt lifestyle driving mental and physical wellbeing. She encourages her community in a playful gamified way to share own experience on how to unleash your inner source of power and enhance your energy focus, increase love in your and for life. She acts like a reflection for you and helps overcome obstacles in an emotionally and mindful way of treating yourself and others.

The Avatar figure is currently being developed by an experienced team of designers, artists, scientists, gamers and coders in line with the most advanced developments in influencer marketing.
Accelerator & Investment Foundation
CosmiQ is the first startup accelerator for digital lifestyle Spirituality & Consciousness, building an ecosystem and B2B/C community of experts with millions of users, jump-starting this $ 240+bn next trend space with investments and services.

Our target is to develop the market, which is still seen as esoteric; into an advanced commerce marketplace with best brand like consumable products for our clients. We are constantly screening new developments, trends and business cases.

Often, very smart people have great product ideas and carry spiritual wisdom worth sharing, but don’t know how to get it out there and online to millions of users. We want to empower individuals and teams and help drive their innovative ideas to success by acting as an accelerator offering investment and services to early or later stage start-ups. Ideas and business solutions for more conscious, better emotionally connected world.
Under the brand of CosmiQ Universe we unite products around wellbeing, spirituality and personal development tools such as wearables, bio-cosmetics, accessories, books and bio-hacking devices.

We are cross-selling with our other business branches, e.g. products are searchable and bookable on our metasearch platform.
R&D & Academy Courses
CosmiQ Academy is the platform for video education and coaching. A platform which unites the fast variety of offers out there. We work in cooperation with famous trainers and coaches offering a proven track record experience in the mindfulness and personal development area. With consolidating all online classes as well as real-life-tutorials, offered in one platform, we make individual development easier accessible, comparable, funny and consumable in a great user experience. Only trainers and coaches provided with a certification of our academy will be admitted in order to underline the high quality of our classes and the seriousness of our business.

for investors

CosmiqUniverse is the first global brand platform transforming mindfulness and spirituality into a digital lifestyle industry. Our mental journey app live in store, social media avatar celebrity as spirituality publisher & metasearch product are our inhouse incubated products. In planning is as well our startup accelerator for modern Spirituality & Consciousness.

Our target is to develop an advanced commerce marketplace monetizing web traffic and easy-way consumable products for our clients. Our vision is to strengthen the connection of humans to one-self and others increase experience of self-love and all-love.

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Who we are

We are a group of people that all have one in common: We love life. We love learning and growing. We love dreaming big.

We are Passionists in driving positive change in our and others life, healing our souls, personal development and deep universal connection. Understanding ourselves and loving ourselves is key principle to unleashing our potential, full life appetite and finding purpose. We want to share knowledge and find ways with you to thrive for an aware conscious, taking responsibility for our actions and the world we create. CosmiQ is a team of 40+ passionate scientists, business executives, marketeers, artists, mental coaches, developers, gamers, philosophists who are excitingly driving change for a more conscious world.

Annika Kessel

Co-Executive Officer

+ Read more about Annika +

A business graduate from Stanford University and former consultant to the United Nations, Annika is a start-up enthusiast. She founded Spring Venture and grew ecom and technology ventures from early or mid stage to multimillion dollar business. Prior to founding Cosmiq, Annika worked as Chief Digital Officer at travel software house Peakwork AG, where she was responsible for digital strategy and global expansion. At Cosmiq, she drives strategy, funding, business development and investor Relations. She loves life with her loved ones, personal growth, human psychology, meditation and being in nature with horses.

Hubert Rhomberg

Chief Commercial Officer

+ Read more about Hubert +

Hubert is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of an international group of companies with a revenue of over 700 million Euros, among them Rhomberg Ventures & Cree, a tech platform for the construction industry. An avowed scientist and innovator, he is also a promoter of alternative and sustainable community living and conscious organizations, as well as a frequent key note speaker and book author. He loves his family, personal development, sustainability cycle economy.

Bruno Stettler

Director Avatar

+ Read more about Bruno +

Bruno is a serial entrepreneur, artist and music producer, who co-founded Zurich Street Parade. He ran as a mobile entrepreneur multi-million mobile business cases in adult entertainment and founded Ikon AG as spirituality enterprise. He is a locally well know artist who’s artistic and photographic work has been widely exhibited and published in books. He is the avater and innovation director for Cosmiq as well involved in product development and digital marketing. Apart from art and music, he loves teaching plants and hiking.

Lioudmila Pokhis

Director Marketing

+ Read more about Lioudmila +

Lioudmila is a marketing specialist and an experienced art director (Satchi & Satchi). Having studied economics in Russia, she is one of the creative driving forces behind Punk Venture and a brand building expert. At Cosmiq, she is passionately dedicated to strategic marketing and brand development as well as the campaign design. In her spare time, she enjoys tango dancing and is dedicated to shamanism and spiritual healing techniques.

Anja Matschkus

Head of Operations

+ Read more about Anja +

A certified Yoga teacher and seasoned coach, Anja is office manager, having worked as a personal assistant Zurhorst & Zurhorst, CEO of Spring Venture and was Club manager in the fitness industry, before serving as marketing project manager and executive assistant at Cosmiq. She enjoys Yoga, meditation and spending time in nature.

Can Edremitoglu

Agile & Sociocracy

+ Read more about Can +

Can is a startup guy with very strong emphathy for people and vast experience in web-development. He founded and grew Berlin based brainwave startup Awaike technology as CEO and has been involved in creative collectives and art communities. He founded the the 2018 art community project Villa Vagabund in Austria. A former Marketing Director of JustMusic GmbH, he is now using all his expertise in social communities as well as companies to serve as a sociocracy coach for Cosmiq and to introduce an agile approach to the social structure of our company. When he is not working, he enjoys music and art or spends time on his dream of an ecovillage-community-life.

Maximilian Lehmann

Mobile Growth

+ Read more about Maximilian +

Maximilian is an app-marketing-native. As specialist in App Store optimization, he has not only self-started Mobile Blade and MyFitFeed (which he grew from zero to 200.000 downloads without any marketing spending), but has also worked already for Asana Rebel, Arise, Pantaflix, Spotify, Kaufda and fußball.de, among others. At Cosmiq he drives the app marketing performance growth, ASO for both paid and organic. He is interested personal performance growth, as well as tech philosophy and sports.

Maxim Kahlert

App & Brand Design

+ Read more about Maxim +

Holding a degree in media design, Maxim is as passionate in design and growing companies. He is co-founder of ads on fire, an online marketing agency specialized in facebook advertising, as well as founder of startupface, a design collective specialized in creating powerful brands and innovative digital products for start-ups. He runs brand building, CI/UX/UI design, product development and growth strategy for CosmiqApp. He loves spending his off-work time on fitness and photography.

Alida Kadic

Project Executive

+ Read more about Alida +

Alida studied retail business and art before becoming a District Manager for an international Fashion Company in Switzerland and then Project Manager at Ikon AG. She has not only the project lead for our Avatar, but is also responsible for team operations and content lead.
Besides being creative, she likes design,art and enjoying nature.

Alec Baillie

Head of Lore &
Avatar Operations

+ Read more about Alec +

From event organizer in the music industry and Master of Ceremony for hundreds of events, Alec's career took a turn towards Gaming and Business World. He served as Head of Business Management Solutions Services at Thomson Reuters before he became a Game Designer developing and selling games B2B. He now brings all experience on gamification, social media community and lore design skills into building Cosmiq's social media avatar. He loves his family, Scotland, Star Wars, street art and religious studies.

Shia Weltenmenge

Avatar Artist

+ Read more about shia +

Shia holds a degree in Computer Linguistics and is an artist, whose work has been shown in numerous exhibitions. Besides her passion for spiritual coaching and meditation, she is driving the visual design and character-development of Cosmiq's avatar. Besides, she loves consciousness expansion and female communities.

We in press

our advisors

Benjamin Föckersperger

Crypto and Funding
Chief Strategy and Product Officer
David Armstrong
Social Media
Chief Executive Officer at HolidayPirates Group
Heike Schneider
Facebook & Community
Client Partner Digital Natives – Online Travel and Fitness
Christian Bärwind
Google & Deep Tech
Industry Leader Retail, Straegic Partnerships at Google
Daniel Zajonz
Digital Funnel
Head of E-Commerce bei Tobias Beck
Taras K. Rebet
International Growth
Chief Executive Officer at Rhomberg ventures GmbH
Pia Betton
Digital Brand Building
Design and Site Lead at Nutanix Germany
Gino von Schriltz
App Lead
Geschäftsführer bei GLASKOERPER Software Entwicklung
Simone Lenzen
Communication & PR
Head of Communications at Endemol Shine Germany
Mendel Kaelen
Science & Psychedelic Research
Founder and CEO at Wavepaths
Tina Kessel
Health Care
Health Outcome Manager Hermatology bei Janssen, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson
Hanne Rohrauer
Consciousness Coach
Coach and organizational developer bei hannerohrauer.com
Robby Schwertner
Blockchain & STO
Blockchain Influencer

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